Meaning one.

The Oona Series. Rooted in Movement. Growing through connection.A space where you are welcome to flourish, with daily doses of movement, inspiration and whole being wellness.

We come to Oona to prepare, motivate and progress. To sweat, to heal and to find inspiration with other Oonas.

Support and guidance from master teachers and professionals as they lead in exercise, theory, workshops and dialogue. We provide the tools to empower your social, physical, and mental wellbeing while having constant access to all things Oona.

Where determinations are found. Confidence will soar. Self-practice will deepen. Minds will open and positivity will be abundant.

We are Oona.



Support and guidance from master teachers and professionals as they lead in exercise theory, dialogues, workshops
  • 20+ Live classes weekly in Barre, Pilates, HIIT,
    Restorative, Prenatal/Postnatal, Yoga and Dance
  • 5+ On demand classes curated monthly
  • Members only area dedicated to well-being tips, interviews,
    Q&As, master classes and The Oona Series Podcast
  1. Choose your membership and meet your new community

  2. Sweat wherever, whenever

    Access your classes online from all of your favourite devices, whenever and wherever you like.

  3. Dig in and connect to all things Oona

    Let our portal become your daily dose of support and implementation towards your most complete self. Tune in to your Podcast and get excited for retreats, workshops, curriculum, certifications, and so much more with compassionate experts and pursuers of balance.


Your elite trainer

A former competitive dancer turned varsity cheerleader turned professional showgirl, Catie is, without question, a natural performer. She brings energy to every class and optimism to every day. We think you’ll love her as much as we do. (Which is a lot.)

Your holistic coach

A registered Osteopath and holistic coach, Boniface has a wealth of knowledge and tools to support our mental health, spiritual growth and physical wellness in becoming one. His energy and insight is powerful.