We are so thrilled that you are part of our Oona Series community! You are ambitiously passionate about discovering your best self and it shows! 

Each month we provide freshly curated content of classes, podcasts, live discussions, and blogs to approach your fitness and wellbeing needs. As our options within your Oona Series Platform continue to grow, we’re here to help you navigate and get the most out of your Full Access Membership. 

So, are you ready to be Oona-fied??

Before you begin…assess your needs.

How are you feeling in body and mind? Take some time to reflect within and address where you are to determine where you would like to go.

 Are you healing from an injury? Are you mentally exhausted? Maybe you’re ‘ok’ but feeling a bit stagnant in finding motivation. 

The Oona Series Platform is designed to improve all elements of physical, mental, social and nutritional health. Each need has tailored workouts, videos, and articles specific to the topics to help you move towards a more balanced you. 

A great place to start on the platform is our Podcast and Blog Section. Here you will find expert discussions to assist you in finding the direction to move towards a more clear understanding of self. 

From pregnancy guides, gut health education, and even where to begin, your On Demand access can provide daily support with holistic and professional content.

Find out more about our passionate purpose behind the platform with our Co-Founders in the featured podcast episode Our Vision For The Oona Community

Next, we invite you to read on towards our Blog as you assess your needs with Co-Founder and Osteopath, Boniface Verney-Carron in The Baseline.  

Still not specific in vision? Let’s look further within the Blog offerings and review this article to help you figure out Where To Start.

It’s now time to set your goals.

You know how you want to feel and you may have a loose concept of what needs to be done. When creating your path, it can sometimes be overwhelming to what steps need to be implemented to move forward. To help support you lay the groundwork towards executing your goals, check out this blog to break it down in an applicable way. The Truth About Goal Setting

A great way to gain clarity in attacking new endeavours is to sweat it out. Oona Series is dedicated and rooted in movement. One of the greatest tools within your membership is access to LIVE and On-Demand fitness classes anytime and anywhere. These sessions are low impact and high in motivation. We recommend starting with a bite-size class to get your heart rate elevated and cardio activated. Get to know the Barre modality with Catie, our Co-Founder and fitness expert that started the Oona community, in this compact class. We promise you’ll be smiling and sweating in under 15 minutes.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – 15 Min Cardio with Catie

Women Does Pilates

You are ready to rock… Set your schedule.

You are now ready to bring your goals into reality. Remember, consistency is key and it’s up to you to dedicate time in your day for self-care and fitness. We recommend hitting the LIVE Timetable to book real-time connection with instructors and members of the Oona community to feel constant support. 

Check-in and watch a small format video On Demand daily in your wellbeing library for little motivators to keep you tuned in throughout your day. Even whilst at work, Oona is there to remind you that every moment is an opportunity to progress. Check out this short video to help you improve your Posture at Work

If creating a daily calendar seems daunting, we are here to help every step of the way. Did you know your membership gives you FULL ACCESS to our 30 day Guided Programmes? Each one provides everything you need to experience all 360º of our platform in bite-size format through a curated schedule. You can even download your PDF calendar to follow along!

Our bespoke Guided Programmes are here to take the guesswork out of your wellness routine, putting those 2022 goals into action! Whether you’re starting a brand-new fitness regime, seeking new challenges, recovering from an injury or navigating prenatal life, we’ve got your back. Let’s find your perfect fit together with Oona Series Guided Programmes

Make Your Schedule

Look at you grooving…stay accountable.

Starting is the hardest part and we see you putting in the work! It is natural to feel fatigued and need a break along the way. Sometimes the best thing you can do to reinvigorate your stamina is to slow down. Find your centre and recover at any point with a great stretch or yoga session. Your On-Demand Library has restorative sessions available to help bring you back into your body and purpose here. A great way to wind it all down is with our Yoga instructor, Liz, in this fitness feature Yoga For Sleep.

In many ways, we can be our own toughest critic. You are not alone and when the inner voices become loud, read on into our Blog dear Oona and tap into Self-Sabotage and How To Keep Yourself Accountable.

Woman Exercises At Home

And Finally…stay curious.

Your Oona Series platform is continuously growing with new content every month. As your body, mind, and nutritional needs evolve, we are right there beside you. Keep logging in, and don’t forget to download the Oona Series App to have access at your fingertips in times you may need us most.

Don’t forget, we are a community of like-minded individuals who go farther together. Add us on Instagram as we feature new opportunities of new perspectives daily and offer LIVE QnA sessions every month on IGTV to bring 1-on-1 advice and support in real-time. Check us out on Instagram HERE.

In addition, your membership offers a FREE Masterclass with Co-founders, Catie and Boniface, as well as our resident Nutritionist, Dr Federica Amati to deep dive into your focus and advance you closer to your most complete self. These are hosted the last week of each month and you can book your slot into the Masterclass within the platform on your Live Timetable 

You got this! And Oona Series will be here for you every step of the way.

Woman Exercising With Yoga

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