Google self-care and thousands of entries will come up. You’ll find articles in Forbes, TED Talks to watch, blog posts from Psychology Today; in fact, more than half of millennial women in the United States made self-care their New Year’s resolution. It was also one of last year’s most-popular app themes. Why? Because self-care is a multiplier of time. Self-care can be defined in a litany of ways, but one of the most crucial is prioritising yourself and what’s best for your physical and mental wellbeing. Ask any GP, nutritionist, therapist or coach—physical activity is the number-one solve-all cure. Exercise reduces stress, improves mood, aids concentration, and it can often lead to you feeling more energised and empowered afterwards. 

Catie Miller performing Barre

A simple and short class can make all the difference. An early morning sweat session will also help to kickstart your metabolism for the rest of the day. And workouts don’t need to be long to be beneficial. Studies have found that 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training burns more calories than 40 minutes at a steady rate. Exercise is also a natural detox for the system, so not only will it help clear your head, but it can also help you sweat out the toxins from the excess of boozy, carb-y and saccharine treats you might have enjoyed over the holidays.

Here at Oona Series, we are a global network, offering live classes catering to London, New York, Dubai, Los Angeles and Sydney time zones.

 Add to that, digital fitness doesn’t necessarily have to be a solo experience. Find friends who want to login to the same class. It’s surprisingly easy to recreate that community feeling online.

Catie Miller performing the plank

At Oona we offer live workouts alongside our extensive library of pre-recorded classes. Beyond the range of lengths and intensities, we offer barre, Pilates, HIIT, yoga and stretch, dance sweat, and restorative sessions. What’s more, we have programmes aimed at kids and teens, so you can move together as a family.

Habitual exercise reduces peak cortisol levels. And that isn’t limited to aerobic exercise like running or cycling. In fact, any physical activity can have instant stress-busting effects.

Finding a fitness routine that works for you is empowering. It’s not about a certain number on the scale or punching calories into an app, but by giving over a few minutes every day to Oona Series, you are able to clear your head, be part of a growing community and, even though it’s online, fitness is a perfect excuse to disconnect from your inbox and focus on yourself. 

Catie Miller during a Pilates class

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