Feeling so-so Sophro

Discover the method that’s quietly changing lives. 


Sophro-what now? 

If this is you, you’d absolutely be forgiven for having never heard of Sophrology. I most certainly hadn’t prior to listening to Boniface’s latest episode on the Oona Series podcast, and its low profile offers some interesting insight into the world of funding and scientific research.. but more on that later. Let’s begin our dive into the world of Sophrology by introducing special guest and holistic wellness guru, Florence Pasteur.

The milder temperatures are here at last to usher us Northern Hemisphere folk out of a deep, dark  winter. Shorts, t-shirts and vests are dusted off for pale limbs to dose-up on Vitamin D.. revealing  a growing display of perfectly circular, red and purple marks on shoulders, arms and backs. These  unique patterns, neat but far from discreet, are now highly recognisable signs of ‘Cupping’, even  to those who have never experienced this style of treatment first-hand.

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