The Power of
Communal Experience

When we’re hard-wired for connection, all roads lead to community. 


A new month is upon us (already!?) and I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to pose a small challenge for us all. Or if nothing else, a chance to plant the seed and leave you pondering. 



Community is one of the most important aspects of the Oona Series and it is a concept we are keen to explore and celebrate this July. After all, it is the main driving force that has transformed our notebook sketches into a living and breathing platform for growth and connection. We wouldn’t exist without you! This sense of connection really does flow both ways, as you also give us (as a team of instructors and creatives) the motivation and inspiration to get out of bed and show up everyday. Of course we log in to class to move.. But I suspect the thing that has us coming back time and time again (especially when we’re peeling ourselves away from a warm duvet at 6am!) is the desire – conscious or unconscious – to find common ground with others. 

Now, back to this mini-challenge, of sorts. Allow me to elaborate.

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