To brace or not to brace?

In a world of posture correctors, that is the question…



I’ve got a confession to make. I’d like to say I’ve kicked this digital habit during a  global pandemic, where unverified news stories have run amuck. Yet after multiple  lockdowns and tech-heavy quarantine periods, there’s no denying..  

I’m a sucker for Dr Google. 

You too? There’s gotta be lots of us out there.. that ‘people also ask’ function didn’t  invent itself! 

On one hand, the King of search engines is wonderful for accessing science and  medical journals if you’re someone who really commits to thorough research  practise. On the other hand, we now know that our late night search-and-scoll data  filters through to the giants of the social media space to assist with targeted ads. It’s  fascinating and terrifying all at once.  

This is how I came to discover the world of posture correctors. Like many others, I’d  wondered how possible it was to reverse years of bad posture as an adult. Within  mere minutes I was introduced to a variety of Posture-pedic gadgets on Instagram’s  sponsored posts and stories.  

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