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Oona Barre is a low-impact, sweat-inducing, muscle-sculpting blend of ballet, Pilates and cardio. Although it’s inspired by dance, it’s grounded in Pilates and layers in (optional!) cardio. Classes are delivered online and on-demand for you to sweat wherever and whenever you like.

Heck no! Oona Barre is beginner friendly. Whether you have a dance background or not, we make it easy to follow by demonstrating exercises. Plus, we always start at the modification level, so you can add advancements when you’re ready—never before.

Absolutely! First things first: Let us know if you’re pre- or postnatal before class. You can email us or message us in the zoom chat. All of our instructors are trained in pre- and postnatal modifications and will let you know when it’s time to modify in class. Our general guidelines for our pre- and postnatal clients: Don’t jump, don’t twist your torso, and don’t exercise your abdominals without support.

What if I have an injury?Let us know if you have an injury before class, so we can note the injury on your file and share modifications with you throughout class. You can email us or message us in the zoom chat.

You can take any Oona class without equipment and still sweat like a 1980’s Jane Fonda! A chair or countertop for your “barre” and a yoga mat (or carpet) for floor work will make class easier. When you’re ready for a challenge, grab 1–2 kg hand weights and a resistance band for advancements.

Comfortable, fitted workout wear is our go-to; it allows the instructor to see your body and provide helpful cues and corrections, so you’re working out safely. If you’re working out on hardwood floors, barre socks are a life-saver. You may prefer trainers for our Dance Sweat and HIIT classes.

Heck yes! The beauty of barre’s low-impact workouts is you can workout every day. Because we start with small, isolating movements then work into bigger, lengthening movements, we’ll stretch your muscles and minimize tightness, so you don’t feel as sore the day after your workout.

Results and goals are different for each Oona, but if you’re taking class three days per week, you should start to feel stronger, agile and leaner after three weeks!

How many calories will I burn?Calorie burn depends on your height, weight, activity, diet, genetics and so much more. The average female client will burn between 300 and 600 calories, while the average male client will burn between 500 and 800 calories. Wear a Fitbit or Apple Watch to class to track how many calories YOU burn.

No! Oona Barre was designed to sculpt long, lean muscles, like a ballerina. That’s why our movements are based on ballet technique and dancers’ strength training and conditioning.

Great question. As we like to say, Oona goes ‘far deeper than a plié.’ One of the first of its kind, our platform is designed to be your one-stop-shop for holistic wellness. For us, this means providing a rich collection of resources for your mind, body and soul so you can feel empowered to take full ownership of your health, inside and outside of class.. alongside a community of like-minded people, of course!
As a member of the Oona family, you’ll have exclusive access to:
* 10+ live weekly sessions and 5 on-demand fitness classes each month.
* Members-only areas for fitness tips, lifestyle content, expert interviews, Q&As, charity events and more
* The official Oona podcast and wellbeing videos
* Referral rewards and retail discounts with our favourite partner-brands!

Osteopathy is a form of manual and holistic therapy that works to understand the connection between cause and consequences in a patient’s symptoms. An experienced and qualified Osteopath like Boniface will study a patient’s case history and observe their movement patterns and other aspects of their behavioural posturing to determine a diagnosis, before developing a treatment plan.
Listening and observation forms a huge part of the diagnosis process, as in Boniface’s experience, a problem can present in many different ways and will often require a multifaceted treatment approach. Whilst we cannot provide manual therapy through the virtual platform, we are excited to be able to offer opportunities for Oona members to connect with Boniface 1:1 to begin assessing and supporting any issue or pain they may be experiencing.
Knowledge is power, and we trust these opportunities will guide you in finding strength, flexibility and ease in the mind, body and spirit.

Our founders describe this as the meeting of two hearts and minds! Catie and her husband Danny Miller first crossed paths with Boniface years ago, discovering through personal injury how both of their respective businesses so beautifully complemented one another. They began sharing knowledge and expertise through regular sessions at both Catie’s studio and Boniface’s clinic; were (and continue to be!) thrilled to discover the possibilities that Barre and Pilates offer for those working with injuries or limitations, and vice versa, how Osteopathy treatments can completely transform and elevate one’s experience of life.
By joining forces for the Oona Series, they hope to empower a community of like-minded individuals to really own their bodies and ‘take the reins’ in building a holistic wellbeing practise that can be implemented and enjoyed every single day.

Yes, one of the things we love most about Barre and Pilates is its capacity to provide a great, low-impact workout to all ages and levels of fitness and experience.
If you are working with a pre-existing injury, it is really important to undergo a screening process and chat to us prior to taking your first class. For your safety and wellbeing, we want to ensure that you are not working with a ‘structural injury’ as this will often require specialised medical attention to ensure the healing process is appropriately managed.
If you are navigating an injury that is more ‘functional’ in nature, our instructors are able to offer modifications and alternative movements at every section of class to ensure you are working within your current limitations, but also reaping all the benefits from exercising. This of course also goes for pre and post natal ladies too.
If in doubt, please always get in touch! Your GP is also a great person to consult in this process and we welcome any information you feel comfortable sharing. We’d always recommend a 1:1 with one of our instructors if you’re very new to the world of Barre and Pilates or a virtual consultation with Boniface to discuss any questions or concerns.. you’re in the great hands, and we’ll be with you every step and plié of the way!

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