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Welcome to The Movement Series! We like to think of this as the heart of Oona’s digital platform. One that is full of love, connection, education and social enterprise.

Move for unity.
Move for change.
It all starts here.

TMS was first dreamed up in 2020, a year that not only brought the world to a grinding halt, but one that has also heightened the immense pressure and crisis for vulnerable communities and marginalised groups. At Oona Series, we are incredibly fortunate to have a global following across multiple channels, and it therefore felt more important than ever before to use this platform to empower, educate and support causes we believe in.

The role of movement in our lives cannot be underestimated, and it is our hope that TMS initiatives can offer a safe space to our Oona Series community, as well as opportunities to learn, or unlearn, listen and discuss important topics and issues. One of the upsides to modern technology is that so many of us can now connect and collaborate regardless of where we live in the world… So why not make the most of this opportunity and strive to create positive change?

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of supporting a number of incredible charity organisations and causes through TMS events thus far including: The Advocacy Academy, Women for Refugee Women, Oxfam, Coppafeel, Kids Out/Kids In and Alive and Kicking.

It’s time to revolutionise the future of female health.

It is an honour to be supporting The Lady Garden Foundation (LGF) as our second charity partner of 2021 for The Movement Series. This groundbreaking organisation is on a mission to eradicate gynaecological cancers around the world. To do this, they know we need to change the way we talk about our Lady Gardens…

In 2014, key surveys showed that 41% of women were too embarrassed to go to a doctor about a gynaecological issue, let alone talk to a friend. Sadly, we know now that it is women who continue to suffer the most from this widespread silence.

The shame surrounding female health has existed throughout the decades as women’s reproductive systems were (and continue to be) politicised and stigmatised. Our ancestors have made incredible leaps in the way of Women’s Rights, but there is still a long way to go – especially in regards to the narratives on women’s bodies that are passed down through the generations.

All change begins with awareness and conversation. The more open we are to discuss our bodies, the more we understand; the more we understand, the more prepared we are to recognise when something is wrong.

Today is the perfect day to rebuild your relationship with your bits… Shall we?

Meet The Lady Garden Foundation

Founded in 2014, The Lady Garden Foundation is a national charity which aims to raise funds to extend and improve gynaecological health – arming women and girls with the knowledge they need to break down the taboos that surround the topic.

So far, LGF has donated over £1.6m to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity which has gone to various projects including research into personalised treatments for women with a gynaecological cancer diagnosis.

Whilst maintaining a commitment to the prevention of all five gynaecological cancers, LGF also seeks to shine a light on a woman’s full Lady Garden journey. The charity pledges to raise funds for both Gynae cancer and additional causes from menstruation to menopause.

“1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and for the 58 women a day who are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, 36% won’t survive. This sobering statistic is why The Lady Garden Foundation exists.”

Jenny Halpern Prince, Co-Founder & Chair of LGF

“1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and for the 58 women a day who are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, 36% won’t survive. This sobering statistic is why The Lady Garden Foundation exists.”

Jenny Halpern Prince, Co-Founder & Chair of LGF

The Stats You
Need To Know

The outcomes for patients with Gynaecological Cancer are nothing short of devastating.

Over 21,000 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer every year in the UK, meaning that on a daily basis, 58 women receive a life-threatening diagnosis. 21 of these women will not survive their gynaecological cancer.
Studies show that Cervical Cancer is the most common cancer for women under the age of 35 years old – many case studies shared with LGF document the experiences of women in their 20s. What’s more, more than 8 out of 10 Ovarian cancers occur in women in their 50s.

#GCAM 2021

This September marks Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of gynae cancers, and to get more women talking without shame.

In their biggest fundraising initiative to date, LGF is teaming up with over 40 brands to raise vital funds for research into the 5 gynaecological cancers.

Here at Oona, we are thrilled to be collaborating with LGF on the creation of a number of key resources to raise awareness and funds.

You can access our exclusive educational podcasts with LGF from September 11, and join us in supporting the #GiveYourFannyFive movement (details below).

Give Your Fanny Five and Get Involved

  1. Take 5 minutes out of your day to learn 5 life-saving facts about gynaecological cancer.

    Even just spending 5 minutes alone with a mirror is a great first step to getting better acquainted with your bits! The more you know…
    Head over to to learn more.

  2. Pass on the message by creating your own post on social media. It could be a high-five selfie or a reshare of one of @LadyGardenFoundation’s templates – don’t forget to tag 5 friends!

  3. Donate £5 to LGF to support its ground-breaking work. Just text GIVEFIVE to 70450.

  4. Check our our exclusive LGF podcasts from September 11.

  5. Settle in for a cup of tea with our latest article on Women’s Health: Gynae’s are a girl’s Best Friend.