THE movement SERIES

Welcome to The Movement Series! We like to think of this as the heart of Oona’s digital platform. One that is full of love, connection, education and social enterprise.

Move for unity.
Move for change.
It all starts here.

TMS was first dreamed up in 2020, a year that not only brought the world to a grinding halt but one that has also heightened the immense pressure and crisis for vulnerable communities and marginalised groups. At Oona Series, we are incredibly fortunate to have a global following across multiple channels, and it, therefore, felt more important than ever before to use this platform to empower, educate and support causes we believe in.

The role of movement in our lives cannot be underestimated, and it is our hope that TMS initiatives can offer a safe space to our Oona Series community, as well as opportunities to learn, or unlearn, listen and discuss important topics and issues. One of the upsides to modern technology is that so many of us can now connect and collaborate regardless of where we live in the world… So why not make the most of this opportunity and strive to create positive change?

We’ve had the pleasure of supporting a number of incredible charity organisations and causes through TMS events thus far, including Lady Garden Foundation, The Advocacy Academy, Women for Refugee Women, Oxfam, Coppafeel, Kids Out/Kids In, Alive & Kicking and most recently DIRT.

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