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Foundation For The Regeneration of Earth.

It is an honour to be supporting DIRT as our first charity partner of 2022 for the Oona Movement Series. This ambitious foundation is on a mission to heal the earth through soil regeneration. Rebuilding the micro-life within soil is one of the most important things we can do in the face of Climate Change.

“The time has come to give back to soil, to nurture it. To repay our debt to soil for the immense profits that our industries have drawn from it without consent.”

Arizona Muse, DIRT Founder

Earth Knows Best

Biodynamic farming offers the opportunity to grow everything we need for all industries in soil that’s regenerating, saving the world trillions of microorganisms in the process. If all managed land were to be transitioned to a biodynamic farming approach, chemical fertiliser would be reduced globally by 200 million tonnes a year.

The Root Cause

It’s no secret that our modern world is in a carbon crisis. There is now twice as much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere as there was 200 years ago. 

The unearthing and burning of fossil fuels is one-half of the problem. The other half of carbon emissions can be attributed to farming practices. From the open wounds of tilled fields, greenhouse gases escape at alarming rates and the standard practice of spraying synthetic chemicals kills precious plant and fungal matter within soil. Thereby releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Along with sunlight, plants capture carbon from the atmosphere by absorbing it into their leaves and stems. This carbon is then sent down to the plant’s roots to trade with the soil’s microorganisms including fungal networks. Today, trillions of dirt-dwelling microorganisms have been eliminated, with three-quarters of the Earth’s soil degraded through the above-mentioned processes.  

When soil is healthy, we have what looks like fluffy chocolate cake; aerated, moist, and rich in colour. It supports a diverse world of plant life above it which in turn collects all the water vapour that naturally rises off the earth’s surface in its leafy canopy. In contrast, degraded soil no longer supports micro-life and instead exposes extreme indications of imbalance. Soil dries out or becomes waterlogged. Without a suitable environment for plants to grow, the plants can no longer offer their canopy to the ecosystem as protection from water evaporation. Weather patterns begin to change and welcome to the devastating reality of Climate Change. 

The good news? All is not yet lost.

A powerful solution exists, lying just beneath the surface of the Earth.

Where it all began...

DIRT offers us all the opportunity to clean up our act, and begin to have a positive impact on planet Earth.

Meet Arizona Muse. International Model, Environmentalist and Sustainability Consultant. A proud Mum-of-two, and wife to our very own Boniface Verney-Carron, she is also the founder of DIRT.

Photographed by the industry’s most established names, Arizona has fronted campaigns for global fashion brands such as Chanel, YSL and Prada. She has graced the cover of over 40 international Vogue magazines.

Six years into her twelve-year modelling career, Arizona realised that she didn’t know enough about the materials her clothes came from. Since then, she has been on an eye-opening journey, discovering the truths behind how things are made, who makes them, and the impact this cycle has on the planet. It is her life’s mission to raise awareness of the climate emergency, and the solution that is Biodynamic Farming.

Alongside her charity efforts with DIRT, Arizona consults with brands on corporate sustainability and sits on the advisory board of The Sustainable Angle. She regularly collaborates with Extinction Rebellion, Fashion Revolution, and is Greenpeace’s Oceans Ambassador and Aveda’s first global sustainability advocate.

Get your hands dirty!

DIRT offers us all the opportunity to clean up our act, and begin to have a positive impact on planet Earth.

There are a number of simple ways to get involved:

  1. Discover DIRT’s current initiatives.

    Head to

  2. Make a donation.Watch your project thrive, knowing you’re part of the global Regeneration Movement.

  3. Spread the word.
    Help DIRT share their mission by following and using #DIRTCharity.
  4. Watch.
    Watch DIRT’s beautifully crafted videos to discover more about what biodynamics has to offer.

*Imagery provided by Teodora Berglund & Helene Sandberg.

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