Boniface Verney Carron

Boniface Verney Carron with mug


One of our proud Oona Series Co-Founders.

Boniface is a UK registered Osteopath and Acupuncturist with over 16 years of experience. Trained in level 1 and 2 Garuda.

Boniface started his holistic clinic in 2013 in Marylebone, London. There he focuses on working collaboratively with doctors and other complementary therapists to promote healing and physical wellness for patients.

“By moving something I am able to catalyze a shift that was somehow stuck, and as this movement enhances again…the body finds its own way to regenerate the movement”

– Boniface

Boni is the main driving force behind our Well-Being Workshops, a holistic place to focus and learn about the parts of the brain and body that a workout just can’t get to.

He also hosts the Oona Series Podcast where you’ll find him in discussions with numerous experts on the body & mind

To listen to the Oona Series Podcast find it on Spotify or watch recorded sessions in our Podcast section.