Restorative Fitness

Restorative wellbeing is all about guiding the body back towards the ‘rest and digest’ mode. This slower ‘n steady approach to movement is an important counterpoint to high-impact and high-intensity cardio workouts – great for enhancing technique, flexibility and posture.

Within our regenerative offerings, we have Restorative Yoga, designed to guide the body towards alignment and release. This class uses feel-good flow sequences, complete with gentle stretches and remedial poses.

In Restorative Barre, one of our most popular options, the signature Oona Barre class is slowed right down in its intensity and impact and remixed to include more stretching. You’ll still get a great burn throughout these sessions if you’re after a challenge –  it’s often much harder to work through our sequences at a slower pace!

Our Yin Yoga classes also offer an opportunity to experience a slow, meditative practice that targets the body’s deep connective tissues, joints and fascia. This style of movement is a strong remedy for our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and does wonders for stress reduction.

We recommend pairing any of our restorative offerings with consistent HIIT and strength and conditioning workouts to see some fantastic, sustainable and safe results.

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